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Fun Stuff !

New! Farm Defenders (Video game about farming in Africa) 

Teaching Ecology in the Garden (A resource guide)

Kremps guide to photosynthesis for kids

Crazy Over Vegetables - Cool Tunes for Kids by Eric Herman (Video on YouTube)

Crunch & Sip (Australia Dept. of Agriculture)

Dole Superkids (Dole Food Company)

Fresh for Kids (Sydney Markets Ltd., Australia)

Fruit and Vegetables Quizzes (FunTrivia)

Fruits & Veggies: More Matters (Produce for Better Health Foundation)

Fruitness (European Union)

The Fruit Pages

Go for 2 & 5: Kids Only (Australian Government)

Kids: Explore the World of Nutrition with Nutrition Explorations (National Dairy Council)

The Kids Garden

Photosynthesis for Kids (Brilliant Outdoors Education Center)

School Gardens (FAO)

Sci4Kids (United States Dept. of Agriculture)

USA Pears Just for Kids

Veggie Mania! (Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario)

Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (Orchestra performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables)

Watch out for GMOs (Imaginary photos of genetically modified fruits, vegetables and animals)


Path > Home > School Garden Initiative > Fun stuff