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PROTA is an international, not-for-profit foundation. It intends to synthesize the dispersed information on the approximately 7,000 useful plants of Tropical Africa and to provide wide access to the information through Webdatabases, Books, CD-Rom’s and Special Products.

The objectives are to bring the published information, now accessible to the resourceful happy few, into the public domain. This will contribute to greater awareness and sustained use of the ‘world heritage of African useful plants’, with due respect for traditional knowledge and intellectual property rights.

Please click here for the PROTA website.

PROTA introduces an on-line version of the PROTA Newsletter series

PROTA has developed and expanded their website to provide additional resources and facilities (including web 2.0 technology  and to make it easier to use). In addition to the main Platform Website you can now explore three other web spaces including an interactive web database PROTA4U, Discussion Forum and the legacy database PROABASE

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