Draft Congress Resolutions. (Further consultation from the horticultural community before finalization)

Draft AAHC Resolutions – Day 4 (03 Sept 2009)

1.     The way forward for the AAHC:

1.1.         Agreement that such continental events would follow the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) standards, and that the next AAHC will be held in 2012 with future Congresses on a 4-year regional circulating basis

1.2.         In between this 4-year interval, the AAHC African sessions could be convened during the International Horticultural Congresses (IHC) which would allow for the free accommodation of the event

1.3.         Candidates for hosting AAHC would receive their mandates from  participants, and their legitimacy from ISHS

1.4.         The AAHC would continue to represent all stakeholders of horticulture: science, production, industry, policy and consumption

1.5.         The candidature of The Republic of South Africa was unanimously agreed upon to organize the next AAHC in 2012 on behalf of the Southern African Region

1.6.         The candidature of Nigeria for hosting the AAHC after 2012 was acknowledged

2.     African Horticulture Journal:

2.1.         AAHC unanimously agreed that there was a strong need for a better information flow on horticulture in Africa

2.2.         It was  agreed that the first step could be the consolidation of what already exists

2.3.         To help facilitate such an initiative (2.1. and 2.2), GlobalHort agreed to bring together the African and associated editors. This would be implemented (but not limited to) meetings and workshops to produce an initial electronically formatted publication in English and French

3.     African Horticulture Forum

3.1.         Some regional forums already exist, such as the Horticulture Council of Africa (HCA) which gathers 12 countries together, Cop Horti and RadHort

3.2.         GlobalHort agreed to facilitate the networking of these forums and strengthen them

3.3.         Invitation to join GlobalHort to formulate a proposal for a Co-ordinated Regional Innovation Platforms on Horticulture for Africa

3.4.         The constituencies to be involved should cover the following (but not limited to) research and development, policy, private sector, education, civil society and consumer organizations

3.5.         NEPAD agreed to give more legitimacy to a forum on horticulture, with regional entities

4.     Sensitizing and Advising Policy Makers:

4.1.         AAHC acknowledged the need to ensure that its deliberations and resolutions would provide a basis for guiding policy agenda for the development of the horticultural sector in Africa

4.2.         AAHC agreed to ensure that AAHC deliberations and recommendations would be packaged and transmitted to policy makers at the continental, national and sub-national levels

4.3.         AAHC, through its various institutions such as GlobalHort, should strive to work with national horticultural organizations to ensure increased visibility of horticultural issues in the formulation and operation of agricultural, health, trade, educational,  and other developmental policies relevant to the horticultural sector in Africa