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Project Steps and Timelines


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GlobalHort is very pleased to announce that Dr. HannahHannah Jaenicke Jaenicke has been engaged to work with us as a consultant to facilitate the preparation of a Position Paper on “Promoting Agrobiodiversity for International Development: A Rationale and Roadmap for Collective Action”.

Dr. Jaenicke was Director of the International Centre for Underutilised Crops (ICUC) for four years and Global Coordinator of Crops for the Future (CFF) until 2010.  She is now a consultant in Project Management and Evaluation:  Agrobiodiversity, Marketing and Rural Development and is Chair of the ISHS Commission for Plant Genetic Resources.  She has been a consultant for several organizations, amongst them the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Challenge Programme Water and Food, Secretary of the Pacific Community, European Commission of the United Nations.

GlobalHort and Dr. Jaenicke have had a long history of working together in the promotion of horticulture for development. ICUC and Globalhort co-organized, co-sponsored and co-participated in several events and proposals such as the ISHS symposium on underutilized crops in Arusha 2008, the All Africa Horticulture Congress (AAHC) 2009, the proposal for High-Value Crops Challenge Program, the FSTP-submitted Hortinnov proposal, and the Recipes for Success project funded by ICDF in 2010. 

Please feel free to contact Dr. Jaenicke if you wish to offer something in the successful completion of this project.  She can be reached at:

email: /
phone: +49-2225-838989-5/6
mobile: +49-176-52527583
Burghof 26, 53501 Grafschaft-Gelsdorf, Germany
A member of the NRGroup


Our objective is to capture and represent the collective interests and arguments of the entire DOC Net community. 

GlobalHort will cooperate with the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) to facilitate the preparation of a Position Paper on “Promoting Agrobiodiversity for International Development: A Rationale and Roadmap for Collective Action”. This Paper will assemble published data and case studies that document the potential of a wide range of locally important plants and crops to generate income, improve health and nutrition, and provide the genetic resources and crop diversification options needed to achieve food security despite climate change and other agro-ecological challenges. It will provide the arguments for a paper to be presented at the upcoming CGIAR Science Forum (Beijing, October 2011) followed by publication in a peer-reviewed journal. It will have ongoing value to all of the DOC Network organizations (including GlobalHort) when advocating for donor support or when seeking partnerships with other research organizations, such as the international centres of the CGIAR.

Project Steps and Timelines

  1. Broadcasted information about the initiative in mid-August, 2011 and solicited imput from DOC Net members.
  2. Requested input to a brief survey to claify aims and directions of the DOC Net Strategy Document. The survey is still open.
  3. Case Studies have been requested to illustrate the potential benefit of development opportunity crops for better nutrition and health, income generation and resilience of faming systems. The format should be: a) a research/development problem identified; b) your approach; c) technical/research results; d) impact on farmers; e) published reference. Please submit them as soon as possible, latest by mid-September to Dr Jaenicke.
  4. A literature review is ongoing. References are required on issues related to development opportunity crops and supporting evidence of their contributions to the three pillars of the initiative (1) nutrition/food security and health, 2) resilience of farming systems, 3) source of income). You can access these documents on a public DOC Net site on Google docs. Note: If you want to upload anything, please get in touch with Dr. Jaenicke. This is a temporary site and a decision will be made later where to host the resource materials. Of course the organizational intellectual property of the publications will not affected by placing a copy there. It will be your responsibility to ascertain that there are no restrictions on any publication for making it available online.
  5. A draft strategy document is planned to be ready for circulation by the end of September.


Members (as of Sept., 2011)

AARINENA  (Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa)                      
Ibrahim  Hamdan
Eltahir Ibrahim
APAARI   (Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions)           
Bhag Mal
Raj Paroda
AVRDC (The World Vegetable Centre)               
Andreas Ebert
Jacqueline Hughes
Bioversity International              
Kwesi Atta-Krah
Stefano Padulosi
CFF  (Crops for the Future)    
Michael Hermann *
FAO  (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)    
Linda Collette   
Remi Nono-Womdim
GCDT  (Global Crop Diversity Trust)
Cary Fowler (GCDT)
Jane Toll (GCDT)
GFAR   (Global Forum on Agricultural Research)
Mark Holderness
Harry Palmier *
GlobalHort   (Global Horticulture Initiative)     
Remi Kahane
Norman Looney *
INBAR  (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) 
Coosje Hoogendoorn *
T.P. Subramony
ITPGRFA  (International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture)           
Shakeel Bhatti
PAR (Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research)
Paul Bordoni
Toby Hodgkin *
Laurens van Veldhuizen
Ann Waters-Bayer  
PROTA   (Plant Resources of Tropical Africa)            
Enoch Achigan-Dako
*Advisory  Committee

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