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About: GlobalHort—The Global Horticulture Initiative is an international consortium promoting innovation in horticulture for development with a multi-sectorial and multiple-actor approach.

It is a worldwide enterprise intended to foster more efficient and effective partnerships and collective action among stakeholders in horticulture. To be efficient, it is organized into a consortium, a group of a limited number of national and international organizations formally organized to collaborate in research, training and technology-generating activities designed to meet mutually-agreed-upon objectives.


IWMI searches strategic program leader

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is looking for a R&D leader for the Strategic Program on Building Resilience. The program aims to increase resilience in farming communities for  ...

Microbes vs. Armyworm

Researchers at Auburn University, US have investigated the role of microbes against the armyworm pest that has led to immense losses of maize and horticulture crop yields including tomato, spinach, groundnut and cabbage. The pest has devastated large areas in ...

Kenya promotes miraa production with 1.2 billion

The consumption and cultivation of Catha edulis, an evergreen bush that is also known as miraa in Kenya has been a long tradition in many African countries. Due to its amphetamine-like stimulating effect it is listed as an illegal drug in many European countries...

International Symposium on Greener Cities for More Efficient Ecosystem Services in a Climate Changing World

Between September 12th and 15th of this year the International Symposium on Greener Cities for More Efficient Ecosystem Services in a Climate Changing World is going to take place in Bologna (Italy). The symposium will span across the disciplines of landscape architecture ...

FAO e-discussion on intensification of horticulture cropping systems

Knowledge Base
The FAO’s Rural and Urban Crop and Mechanization systems team (AGPML) is inviting to an online discussion forum on sustainable crop production intensification of horticulture crop based systems. The discussion will revolve around examples of participants for ...
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